Jealousy 2

I had dinner at the Residence on Wednesday night, like I promised, with Ethel. I waited in the lobby for her until it was obvious that she was not coming.

At her door on the fourth floor, I knocked lightly, and having no answer, cracked the door enough to see if she was there. (There is little privacy in these places – aides and nurses coming in and out, the housekeeping and the maintenance people doing as I just did, knocking and coming in.)

She was sleeping on the bed and I woke her.

“Oh, you’re here!” she exclaimed.

“It’s five o’clock.” I answered. ” It’s Wednesday. We’re supposed to have dinner together. I thought I’d better come and get you.”

“Oh, I’d forgotten,” she said a little sleepily, a little sheepishly.”
“Well, get your face on and comb your hair. Let’s go!” I said.

Fifteen minutes later and a clothes change in between, I wheeled her into the solarium where visitors have dinner and we were eating our salads, waiting for the mains to come.

“What was that black look you gave me the other day by the elevator?” I asked her with a giant smile on my face.

“Oh, that!” she answered. “Pure jealousy! Pure jealousy.

You came to see someone else and not me. ” She pouted, but with a mischievous grin emerging out of it, and then she laughed.

“Geez,” I said. “With that look, I thought you were going to kill both Little Ethel and myself with a single glare. ” I said in a light hearted way.

“We can’t have that , now, can we?” I continued. “I’ve got lots of friends in here and I love you all equally. I’m going to come visiting them sometimes and then I’ll be visiting them and not you. So I don’t want to see any more fits of jealousy.” I wondered internally how she would take this preachy attitude of mine.

‘Oh, I know. I know,” she sighed, and then she laughed again in a hearty laugh as if to say, “You’ve caught me out. Now I have to behave” and I shook my head with a smile.
Like a big band of children” I thought, as our conversation turned to other things.


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  2. Kay Says:

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