Seeing old friends


I went painting up at the studio for about two hours; a friend dropped in there and we chatted for a good hour and a half while I was painting. Then I went to see my little grandmothers at the seniors residential care unit.
All of them are eager for company. Ethel was depressed and so, so thankful for some conversation. Little Ethel, the other Ethel, was so happy to see me she put her arm around my waist then gave me a good smackeroo on my cheek when I left. Ruth and I had a good half hour chat. Gloria had an Easter Card for me that she had been saving up these past two weeks (since Easter came and went), waiting for me to come in.
Now if anyone is ever feeling lonely, one only has to go down to a seniors’ residence and make friendships with one or two of the inmates. They are all dying for a bit of conversation and news from the outside world. I tell you, it made my day, knowing they were so happy to see me.
There was a beautiful magnolia tree out in bloom in front of the Lodge. Magnifico!

Here’s today’s paintingBuilding Sandcastles


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