Hugh is going – Onwards and upwards

Here’s a late night update.

Nephew geek Hugh was up to dinner tonight. This is indeed a pleasure!

He sat across from me, his shaved head shining. He’s going bald young just like his grandfather and says, “If I’m going to be bald, I might as well be as bald as I can be.”

He’s a big man, six foot three, solid, brilliant, and gentle like a teddy bear.  I think he inherited it from his grandfather, my dad, who had the same attributes except that he was much thinner.

Hugh was wearing a khaki green hoodie over his matching T-shirt which I thought was inside out, but was merely constructed with the seams looking raw on the outside as a decorative effect.  If he wants to be a diplomat, he’ll need to polish up his style.

He mentioned that he had had a suit made to measure recently and is waiting for it to be finished, hoping of course that there is no glitch before he leaves the Province. So there’s a change! Imagine! Men always look so distinguished in suits.

His visit happened to coincide with Lizbet and my cousin from Winnipeg coming (and leaving again tomorrow) so we had a feast – ribs, chicken and fresh corn from Maple Ridge, rosemary potatoes that Hugh knows how to do so well, cauliflower and raw veges. I haven’t had such a meal since the last time the ladies sailed through on their way up to Parksville.

Hugh is on his way to Carleton University to resume his studies in Political Science. Ottawa will be a great place for him to be – in the centre of the political storms. He didn’t stay long after dinner and I drove him home. We stopped for a coffee and had a little private good bye. I’ll miss him a lot – may only be able to communicate by e-mail and telephone. That’s not so bad, I guess. He’s taking his wings again, with the expectation that he will not be back in B.C. again except for an occasional visit. The work is in Ontario or any of the major cities of the world.
I’m proud of him and wish him wonderful success in what he wants to do.  But this means many changes for me. My world is altering around me, with new house, living alone for the first time in decades, finally having a place to paint and a place to show my own work, leaving Mother’s house behind, not working in the daily grind kind of way. Now Hugh will be gone and with him, my computer resource.

It’s funny. I had plotted out how it would be, and some of it is materializing, but not the way I imagined it would be. It’s a new adventure. I trust that there is a reason for what is happening in my new world and that it will bring good things.

It never ends. I still have some growing up to do and I will tackle it in good faith.

So, onwards and upwards for us all.


5 Responses to “Hugh is going – Onwards and upwards”

  1. mongoose1 Says:

    I love reading your blog. I always feel like I am perched on your shoulder and seeing your life unfold.

    Not sure if I mentioned this, but my husband and I spent our honeymoon in BC. We went flyfishing in the Kamloops (my idea) and horseback riding there as well (his idea). Then, we spend the last 3 days in Vancouver. It was a wonderful trip and I loved the scenery in your beautiful province.
    Take care

  2. suburbanlife Says:

    Thanks Mongoose.
    I feel like I’m living a novel these days.
    I love the Kamloops area also. It’s a very different landscape than the coast – hot, desertic and dry in summer, cold and dry in winter. If you are ever out this way again, perhaps we could meet.
    p.s. Developers have gone wild with Vancouver and with the 2010 Olympics, the city is growing without thought to the magnificent views and the charming garden city atmosphere it once had. Densification and EcoDensity are the buzz words. It’s rather depressing and I’m glad I’ve moved out of the city by about 50km east where the town is much like Vancouver once was.

  3. suburbanlife Says:

    Hi Mongoose, that might have been confusing. I’m disconnected from the Internet until my new service is installed. I’m writing from my neighbour’s computer, with her wordpress address. You should check her out. It’s great writing too! I’m sure you will enjoy it.

  4. geraniums Says:

    Hi Looking for Beauty,
    I just want compliment you on your writing. I came across you by accident because I am trying to write myself and looking for different blogging sites. I don’t have a lot of time tonight but read your last 2 post and want to read the last 20! Or 200 if there are 200. For now I have added you to my list of Best Blogs and will be looking for you. You may be interested in a book I have just started – Almost There by Nuala O’Faolain – 4.99 or so on a sale table at Indigo. Take care.

  5. mongoose1 Says:

    We stayed at the Siwash Lodge it was about a 4 hour drive from BC. We stayed there when there were some raging wildfires about 50 miles east of us. Although we tried to be aware while out (fishing or horseback riding) the only day you could faintly smell the smoke was our last day.

    I loved Vancuver, it’s an amazing city. Each segment seems so different from the other. You’re lucky to live there!

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