Compensating for a whine

ab-001-small.jpgAlright, I confess that the last post was a downright depressing, unmitigated whine. It had nothing to do with beauty, the professed goal of this web log. I could say that I snuck it in so that you would have a contrast for the other things I post and they would look exponentially better because there was something depressing and ugly to compare with.

So now I hope to make up with it with this little bit of fall beauty. I found these on the hood of my car the other day. It’s just photography, but you be the judge – are we not surrounded by beauty?





4 Responses to “Compensating for a whine”

  1. mongoose1 Says:

    The photos are very beautiful-thank you for sharing them!

  2. lookingforbeauty Says:

    Thanks Mongoose1
    There are some other quite lovely photos of autumn on
    that you might enjoy.

  3. rené desor Says:

    isn´t it worth a whine we enjoy the signs of death in natur´s garden – we even need this transitoriness to become aware of nature´s beauty?

  4. Kay Says:

    Thanks René.
    How true. If our seasons did not change then we would not notice half as well the beauty that continually surrounded us.
    There is so much beauty, even in a single decaying leaf, but you have to be out there actively looking for it or you miss it.
    I spent Saturday afternoon raking up the fallen leaves under the ornamental cherry tree out front of my house. Contrasted with the sky, they were brilliant; and against the rich green grass which is having it’s last growth spurt of the year, they were equally stunning. It sure made the task of raking more pleasant.

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