Goliath rolled up to the traffic light, a huge red-cabbed Mack truck towing a huge bin of gravel behind it’s regular construction bin and stopped short by twenty feet.

The black luxury car saw the green light and would have barrelled through but for the fact that Goliath, the Mack, was stopped and not moving. The black car stopped. Kay instantly noticed the why-for that had halted the giant.

There on the asphalt, directly in the middle of the lane, was David, a tiny robin still dressed in it’s infant clothing, speckled and shivering. Stunned. Goliath had seen and stopped and David was saved.

Kay put on her hazard blinker, opened the door and leapt out. The tiny bird did not move, so stunned it was. Kay came carefully out then, up behind the bird and cupped it in her hands. It fluttered with strength, found a finger to clamp the small talons to, and trembled. Kay held it high for the next motorist to see and understand.

Kay stepped then to the sidewalk, found a potted fir behind a wrought iron grill and posited the creature beneath the lowest branch. It fluttered its wings again and rested, saved.

As Kay drove away, she thought The truck could have driven right over top of it and not touched it. and then, If the bird had shifted or moved, it would have been just one more road kill.; and then she was thankful that there generally were no cats wandering in the downtown area. The bird had had strength. It had been stunned but it would recover.

As Kay drove away, the truck tooted a thanks and proceeded. The driver in the car behind waved. It had taken less than a minute and it had changed her day entirely.

What a twist to the tale of David and Goliath!


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One Response to “Robin”

  1. bluedragonfly Says:

    What a sweet story that’s left a great image in my mind. Thanks for sharing!

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