Six word bio

Bio 1. Artist searching unusual beauty, looking, recording.

Suburbanlife tagged me with the Six word bio project. Of course, she didn’t explain although it seemed relatively simple: choose six words to describe yourself. Nonetheless, not liking to get things wrong, I Googled these three words to see what I could find. Very interesting….

Some wily fox, instead of writing about himself, declared he had found a loophole. It said Bio not Autobio. He proceeded to post a mystery bio . From his cryptic bio, we were invited to guess which famous person it referred to.

Both exercises Bio and Autobio (sounds like names you’d chose for twins of the small furry pet variety, doesn’t it?) are rather interesting.

I stumbled over another rule that hedges the simplicity of the exercise. It was that you could take three runs at it. However, without more prolonged thought, I’ll decline another six word description of myself

The next task is to tag five other people to provide Six word bios. So here are five of my favourite bloggers for you to check in on and see if they are interested in engaging in a response.

These five people are bloggers have enriched me with their thoughts and I invite you to explore their writings, photography and/or art through their web logs. There are many many good bloggers out there Care to share your faves?

  • http:/ – wander through the woods with him, appreciating running water and the quiet beauty of nature
  • http:/www.marshaobrien. – great photography and great advice for living to the full
  • http:/www. – sensitive thoughtful writing
  • http:/ – super writer, esoteric subjects (for me at least)
  • http:/ – sensitive, thoughtful, living an artist’s life…

There are many many good bloggers out there. For those of you whom I’ve tagged, would you care to share your faves?



2 Responses to “Six word bio”

  1. fencer Says:

    Hey thanks for the mention… Kind of you. And I kind of like being thought of as esoteric!


  2. Vanni B Says:

    This is such a sweet way of introducing a few interesting people to each other. I do not yet know what company I keep… I had to go away and think about how you described me…”sensitive, thoughtful, living an artist’s life…” Thank you for that. Big Hug.

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