Another Haiku

Moss has turned to gold

with summer heat. Grass chafes

the blinding white sky.



In Haiku, the format is 5 syllables, then 7, then 5 again. So here’s a question:

Is there any rule that says each of the lines has to be a complete thought? Or, can I break up a sentence between two of the lines?


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4 Responses to “Another Haiku”

  1. Vanni B Says:

    I don’t write Haiku but I have read a bit about it. I’d like to refer you to Natalie Goldberg’s book, “Writing Down the Bones, Freeing the Writer Within.” She uses Haiku to illustrate the need to understand form and pacing in a novel, short story, poem…It’s in the chapter titled A Sensation of Space, p133. The book is excellent, beyond Haiku. You might check it out if you’re interested in writing. Even if you’re not, I think it’s a good read.

  2. lookingforbeauty Says:

    Thanks for the suggestion, Vanni. I’ll give it a look when next I’m up at the library.

  3. Heather Says:

    Not only can you break up the thoughts, I think you should, at least sometimes. The tension in a line break can really give it some oomph.


    Thanks for the advice,
    A neighbour friend came over the other day with a few books and said,”If you want to write, here’s some books with advice for you – and it includes some places to publish….so I took that for a compliment. I’d given him one of my Kay stories.
    We had one of those blinding white skies today and I had to take my sister out to the airport – it’s a 100 click return trip. Everything is getting dry and all the roadside grassy swards are turning that beautiful golden yellow. It’s kind of nice, but I don’t handle the glare too well.
    Just goes to show. We can’t wait for summer to come (it’s too cold, it’s rainy, it’s grey) and then we get summer and it’s too hot; too much glare; wishing there was some rain for the gardens, etc, etc.

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