Sweetie -eeee

“Sweetieeeeeeeeeee! Sweetieeeeeeeee!

The poor guy is out looking for his mate, wailing for everyone to hear. He promises a bachelor that every chick with a nesting urge should explore. He’s quite willing to fly through the air and do somersaults, dance around you, sing joyously when the eggs arrive, will sit on the nest in equal time warming up the progeny.

“Sweetieeeeeeeeeee! Sweetieeeeeeeee!

With vernal regularity, this tiny avian soloist sings his heart out.

I never hear him in the afternoon. He must be out staking territory. He’s rounding up nesting materials; going to the gym and working out his flight or fight muscles. And he spends his evenings contemplating an abbreviated version of haiku poetry.Then, rises the morning sun:

Is that nine or eleven “e”s in  “Sweetieeeeeeeeee!?



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3 Responses to “Sweetie -eeee”

  1. wrjones Says:

    Excellent writing. Remind me not to have a baby.

    • lookingforbeauty Says:

      Hey wrj!
      Nice to hear you.
      I think it might be hard for you to have a baby. A little gender challenged, aren’t you?
      I bet it’s the warbling around the eggs that is holding you back.

  2. lookingforbeauty Says:

    I have some shy friends. They send me great comments but not on the blog. So here’s one:
    I have been having a little fun at home these days. I think I mentioned to you that I have nesting birds in the hedge. I peeked into the nest this week and there are two eggs!!

    I was discussing this with Marg at the pub last night and the couple next to me overhead our conversation and it turns out the father of one of them is an avid birder. The guy (the son) had an i-pod with all the birds on it, complete with pictures and calls. They told me it was a rosy finch (which I kind of thought my birds were, but wasn’t sure), and the call sounded just like them. So, that’s it! I am helping to protect the nest (along with the male) while the mom sits on her brood! The eggs should hatch in 11 days or so, so by next week, there should be lots of racket at feeding time. It is pretty cool, and I seem to be spending far more time in the kitchen now!

    When the guy at the pub had his i-pod out, I asked him who makes the sweetieeeee noise and it is in fact a chickadee. In the morning they make the sweeetieeee as you have heard (and I hear all the time too), and later in the day they say chika dee dee dee!

    So, the mystery is solved – don’t know about the scissorbill though! You are on your own with that one!

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