Out walking

The wind rushed by her ears creating a rumbling sound like thundering waterfalls. In the clouds above, an airplane droned as it headed towards the local airport.  The river flowing between the two dike banks appeared to be flowing backwards with the the surface ruffles moving southwards instead of north.

At the corner with the penned up chickens, they huddled together like penguins under the one shade tree, protecting themselves from the gusts of wind.

Though it was bright and sunny, few people were walking the gravel path but Kay had missed her walks for four days and needed to be out in the fresh air. She leaned into the wind, striding forward, urging herself on with the Nordic Poles.  Hair whipped about her face. She stopped and wrapped the shawl collar of  her cardigan closer about her neck.

“No use catching a cold,” she muttered as she  carried on.

All the trees were now sporting their new spring dresses, bright green, and where  old beaten grasses lay only two weeks ago, a new sturdy green has pushed up from below obliterating the pale ochre of winter.

A large blue heron came in for landing along the dike pathway then just before touching down, veered in towards the river and began an ascent with its massive grey wings.

“Curious,” she thought, “that in the distance, everything looked calm, but here, near at hand, everything was roiling with the wind.”

She turned at the two kilometer mark and went back home.


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One Response to “Out walking”

  1. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Love this post (well, I enjoy all your posts! Have a beautifulday.

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