Five cents to the good

zz 1083 small

At fifty cents a bunch, mid summer, radishes come in tens or so. I figure the  nice round edible one I pulled from the ground yesterday puts me five cents to the good on my profitability count for the vegetable patch.

Don’t get thinking, though, that this luscious zucchini flower is from my garden. The glorious thing comes from Mrs. Stepford’s garden. Miracles happen in her garden overnight. Especially zucchini miracles. She will take all the fresh zuchinis out of her garden and give them away to friends. They are growing so fast that the next day, she will find another whole crop! They grow over night. It’s creepy, in a way. This long vine-like plant just keeps marching across the lawn with its giant green prickly leaves, sending down toe-holds onto the grass, producing one fruit after another. Amazing!

I’ll have to go out this afternoon and see if I have any flowers developing.


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2 Responses to “Five cents to the good”

  1. wrjones Says:

    Lovely photo of the flower in light. Rip it out and get your Zucchini from Mrs. Stepford. Ask if she will cook it up for you as well.

  2. lookingforbeauty Says:

    Thanks for the comment and the advice, Bill.
    I think I will sneak into her garden late night and get a few of her mega zucchinis, then next day, will offer her some of “mine”.
    Do you think she might doubt the fecundity of my garden? And she will need some because she won’t have any left!

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